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Who Are We?

At InvestingZilla, we are more than just a platform; we are your dedicated companion, guiding you through the intricate realms of Business news, Finance, Investment planning, and innovative Business ideas.

What do We do?

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive insights into Business news, Stock market price targets, Investment planning, Businessmen’s Net worth, and various Business ideas, all based on meticulous research. We go beyond being a news source; our commitment extends to fostering a community where financial knowledge is accessible to everyone.

About Founder

Hello there! I am Randhir Kumar, the proud founder of investingzilla.com. With a deep passion for the Finance sector, I constantly update myself and conduct extensive research from various resources. This blog is dedicated to providing users with the latest Business news, Stock price predictions, Investment planning insights, Net worth updates, and diverse Business ideas, all rooted in my thorough research.

If you wish to connect with me or have any queries, feel free to visit the “Contact Us” page on our website or drop us an email at randhirk2023@gmail.com.

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